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When you’re visiting a public government building, you should be able to expect that conditions will be safe, trusting that nothing exists that you wouldn’t notice on the floor or on a staircase which will cause you to fall and become injured. Unfortunately, those in charge of maintaining public spaces are not always careful about keeping that property safe, resulting in the existence of safety-threatening hazards. If you’re injured in an accident on public property, understand the special restrictions that apply to lawsuits based on dangerous public property, and seek the help you’ll need in pursuing a legal claim against a division of government in New York by contacting Hudson Valley personal injury law firm Rusk, Wadlin, Heppner & Martuscello.

Premises liability laws require safety in public property

If a city, county or state government office in the state of New York makes its property publicly accessible, and invites or allows others onto that property, it has a responsibility (or “duty”) under New York law to keep that property free from dangers or hidden hazards. Staff should regularly inspect that property for any hazards that may arise, and address dangerous conditions as soon as is reasonably possible once they’re aware of them. If a harmful condition forms and the staff of that office didn’t carry out its duty to eliminate that condition before someone got hurt, then the victim may have a right to be paid money damages to compensate them for their injury.

Claims against government offices come with restrictions

Filing a claim against the government comes with special rules and time limits. Before a lawsuit can be filed, you must lodge a notice of claim with the appropriate government office within 90 days of the accident that caused your injuries. Obtaining an extension to this deadline can be very difficult. Different deadlines on when you must file a lawsuit will then come into play. As an additional complication, claims against certain government offices must be heard in the New York Court of Claims, rather than the New York Supreme Court, where most personal injury claims are heard.

Rather than lose your chance to recover for your injuries from a misunderstanding over the complex rules governing public entity claims, seek out experienced personal injury representation immediately after an accident, so that you can focus on getting better. The public property injury attorneys at Rusk, Wadlin, Heppner & Martuscello have been helping Hudson Valley residents receive the compensation they’re owed for their accident injuries for decades and can help you get the money you need to cover medical bills, lost work, and pain and suffering.

Common types of accidents on public property

At Rusk, Wadlin, Heppner & Martuscello, we’ve seen and represented clients who have fallen victim to many different types of dangerous, injury-causing conditions during our time working as personal injury lawyers in New York’s Hudson Valley. Some of the most common ways that victims end up hurt are from:

  • Slipping on food or liquid allowed to accumulate on the floor
  • Falls caused by stairs or railings that have hidden defects
  • Gravel, holes, or dangerous debris left behind by construction work
  • Slipping on ice left to build up on sidewalks
  • Rain water allowed to accumulate for hours in lobbies and on slippery indoor surfaces
  • Slipping on a recently-mopped section of floor that is unmarked by cautionary signs

Experienced Attorneys for New York Government Premises Liability Claims

If you’re hurt on public property and are struggling to cover your medical expenses and lost wages resulting from your injury, find compassionate and dedicated legal help to fight for compensation on your behalf. For help with any injury on government property in New York’s Hudson Valley, contact Rusk, Wadlin, Heppner & Martuscello for a free consultation on your claims, with offices conveniently located in Kingston (845-331-4100) and Marlboro (845-236-4411).

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