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Parental Alienation Lawyer Serving Throughout New York

Living apart from your child and sharing custody with a former spouse can be a painful experience. Often, feelings toward your ex may still be raw, and it can be a challenge to remain civil while exchanging custody of your kids. Some spouses are nevertheless able to set aside hurt feelings to maturely and responsibly encourage their child’s relationship with their co-parent. Others go to lengths to thwart their former spouse’s ability to spend quality time with their child. When taken to the extreme, interference with a co-parent’s relationship with their child becomes parental alienation. Read on to learn more about how your relationship with your child may be affected by parental alienation, and find out what you can do to possibly stop it by contacting the seasoned parental alienation lawyer at Rusk, Wadlin, Heppner & Martuscello, LLP for a consultation.

What is Parental Alienation?

Parental alienation can occur when one parent takes steps to harm their child’s relationship with their co-parent, either by telling the child harmful or untrue things about their parent when the parent is not present, or by hindering the parent’s ability to exercise their visitation rights with their child. Not only is parental alienation painful for parents; research shows that it can cause long-term harm to children, as well. Children who have been subjected to parental alienation are more likely to suffer from psychological problems in the future and have greater difficulty forming intimate relationships as adults.

New York courts can intervene to stop parental alienation

If you and your child have been the victim of parental alienation, you may feel powerless to control what your ex says about you when you aren’t around, or unable to force your ex to honor the existing custodial arrangement. Fortunately, with skilled legal help, you can have an opportunity to put an end to the effects of parental alienation. New York courts place a high value on children of divorce having a relationship with both parents. In these sorts of cases, judges have taken steps such as:

  • ordering that visitation time with the alienated parent be increased
  • taking residential custody away from the alienating parent and awarding it to the alienated parent, or
  • suspending child support paid by the alienated parent until visitation is restored

Stop Parental Alienation with the Help of Compassionate & Dedicated Hudson Valley Family Law Attorneys

If you believe that your relationship with your child is suffering as the result of parental alienation, contact the seasoned and dedicated Kingston parental alienation lawyers at Rusk, Wadlin, Heppner & Martuscello, LLP for a consultation, in Marlboro at 845-236-4411, and in Kingston at 845-331-4100.

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