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LGBT Family Law Attorney Serving Throughout New York

Every married couple faces challenges, but those faced by gay and lesbian couples are often greater and more complex. The US Supreme Court recognized the right of lesbian and gay couples to marry in the groundbreaking 2015 case of Obergefell v. Hodges, which marked a major step forward in the quest for LGBT rights. While this ruling was a major achievement, it did not mark the elimination of hostility toward gay and lesbian couples, nor did it end unfair treatment of gay couples under the law. LGBT couples facing legal issues need representation from lawyers who understand these challenges. At Rusk, Wadlin, Heppner & Martuscello, LLP, our LGBT family law attorney keeps a close eye on the ever-changing legal landscape governing the rights of gay and lesbian couples. Our attorneys know that divorcing gay couples face unique challenges, and we are up to the task of filing, negotiating, or litigating New York divorces of gay couples with the same dedication and professionalism we’ve been giving all of our clients for over a century. Let us provide compassionate and effective representation in your matter before the family court.

Adoption and child custody

It wasn’t long ago that gay couples in New York faced substantial barriers to adopting or fostering a child. Sadly, couples in states across the country still face these challenges today. In 2010, New York enacted a law that explicitly permits gay and lesbian couples to jointly adopt a child. Adoption can be a drawn-out and confusing process, but our Hudson Valley adoption attorneys can walk you through the process to ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible. Whether you’re a couple seeking to adopt a child born to different parents, or you’re seeking to become the adoptive parent of your partner’s biological child, the LGBT adoption lawyers at Rusk, Wadlin, Heppner & Martuscello, LLP can help.

Ending a relationship

Gay and lesbian couples currently have the right to marry, but this hasn’t always been the case. Numerous couples who wished to obtain legal recognition of their relationship prior to the legalization of gay marriage became domestic partners, or obtained a civil union in a neighboring state. Decades later, dissolving these partnerships and unions can be challenging. The LGBT divorce lawyer at Rusk, Wadlin, Heppner & Martuscello, LLP can represent you in the dissolution of your LGBT marriage or partnership and help you reach a property settlement that ensures your rights are protected.

Seek Experienced Legal Representation in Your Hudson Valley LGBT Family Law Matter

If you’re facing a divorce or other matter before the New York family court as an LGBT couple, contact the dedicated and seasoned LGBT family law attorney at Rusk, Wadlin, Heppner & Martuscello, LLP for a consultation, at 845-236-4411 (Marlboro), or 845-331-4100 (Kingston).

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