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Consider Hiring an Attorney After a New York Car Accident

vehicle crash

After a serious crash, you’ve got a lot to worry about. You may be concerned about the work you’re going to have to miss due to your injuries, the expense of your medical care and rehabilitation, or even managing the emotional trauma resulting from being in a serious crash. When you or a loved one have been in a car accident, leave it to your attorney to fight for the money you’re owed, so that you can focus on healing.

Your Insurance Company Doesn’t Want to Pay You

You might expect that your car insurance carrier will pay for all your expenses without a fight. However, this isn’t always the case. Your insurer wants to pay you as little as possible, and will contest the legitimacy of your costs and expenses wherever they can to cut down on their liability. In all likelihood, you have little experience negotiating with insurers, but they handle hundreds of claims for accidents every day. Even out the playing field by finding an experienced, determined attorney to help you recover the full amount of your costs from your insurer.

An Attorney Will Be Ready to Go to Trial, if Necessary

Under New York’s no-fault system of insurance coverage, you won’t be able to file a lawsuit on the basis of a car accident unless the accident causes serious, permanent injuries, or surpasses a certain amount in the value of damages caused. Hiring an attorney immediately after a crash will help you to not only negotiate with insurers, but will help you determine whether or not you would benefit from filing a claim against the other driver, or against third parties that contributed to your injuries, such as the manufacturer of a defective vehicle. Additionally, should negotiations with insurers or other responsible parties collapse, working with an experienced trial attorney means that you will be prepared to go to court should the need arise. Your lawyer will know best how to investigate the facts of your claim, gather witness accounts, and hire the right experts to testify on your behalf and show your entitlement to damages.

If you have been hurt in a New York car accident, contact the seasoned Kingston personal injury litigators at Rusk, Wadlin, Heppner & Martuscello for a consultation on your claims, at 845-331-4100 for our office in Kingston, or 845-236-4411 for our Marlboro office.

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