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Client Testimonials

Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than assisting our clients to achieve their goals. Here are some of the letters we have received from clients who we were thankfully able to help.

Christine was terrific to work with . It was a difficult process for us as a family for personal reasons. Christine was extremely patient and sensitive to our needs, as well as very knowledgeable about the law. We had a very positive experience working with Christine.

Christine was highly knowledgeable. She was accessible and always ready to answer questions. I always felt as if I had her full attention when I needed it.

We really appreciated Ashley’s attention to detail. In addition to Ashley, your reception staff were always gracious and welcoming. Christine exercised the highest standard of representation with a sensitivity to costs and efficiency. Christine and Ashley did an amazing job with the challenges of our father’s complex estate. They consistently exercised sensitivity, respect, and diplomacy in dealing with our large family. Their guidance and empathy were so critical and appreciated as we moved through our grief as a family. We did not anticipate the range of challenges we would encounter in bringing closure to our father’s estate and remain very grateful for your support in working through issues diplomatically and with a commitment to resolve. On behalf of our family, please accept our gratitude for your service, especially these last months with the unprecedented working logistics. Our father always spoke so highly of your firm. Now with first-hand experience, we understand why.

– Former Client

We needed to update our estate documents. Christine Guido listened to us and the documents accurately reflect our needs and desires. Signing during the pandemic was a challenge she met by coming to our home with a witness and doing it on our screen porch. Price was fair. We are completely satisfied.

-Joel S.

My brother used this firm after he was in a bad car crash and he can’t say enough good things about them. His case settled for alot more than he was expecting and the attorneys made the whole process easy for him. Thank you for helping my family!

-Shaun T.

Trustworthy, caring and professional. I give my highest recommendation to this firm.

-Sara H.

Fantastic law office! Everyone I came across was extremely kind. Gave my family and I much needed peace at mind. Thank you!

-Cynthia L.

Melissa and Marion were a pleasure to work with! Very knowledgeable, kind, polite.

-Former Client

Melissa and Kendra were very thorough and extremely easy to work with on estate planning. Would highly recommend them.

I was very satisfied with the service I received from Pam Rusk and her assistant, Marion arr. Pam explained everything thoroughly and my documents were drafted promptly and efficiently. I was very happy with this experience.

Christine helpfully fielded numerous questions from us.

We’ve greatly appreciated John Wadlin and Christine Guido’s help over the past few years. Both of them have been a pleasure to work with.

We find Ms. Guido very patient and helpful with answering all of our questions. We have total confidence in her experience and care for us.

I was very impressed with my attorney, Christine Guido. I very much appreciated her patience with me in getting my living will done.

Both Pam and Marion were a delight to work with. I am very relieved that our estate planning is now in order.

Dan (Heppner),
Sending you sincere thanks for all of your work and patience on picking up this case and seeing it through. Appreciate your experience, expertise and professionalism. It was a pleasure to have you manage Sophia’s case.

Jackie and I would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your assistance in helping and supporting us with our personal injury case from 2011-2017. Mr. John Rusk’s devotion to our case was instrumental in the decision that was made on our behalf. Throughout the whole time, John made us feel so welcome and relaxed at your firm. As time went by, John was always there to confide in, not only with our case, but with other things that bothered me. He treated me like family. John is not only the greatest lawyer in my eyes, but a good friend and someone I would be proud to call brother. Jackie and I will never forget John. He will always be in our hearts and prayers as well as his family and the people that work with him at the law firm. (Cynthia). John is a great credit to his profession. God bless. Thank you once again for everything.

I was in a car accident that resulted in a brain injury. The first thing John did for me the day I hired him was to put me in touch with a neurologist and psychologist experienced with injuries like mine. The neurologist diagnosed the complex partial seizures that were impacting the problems I was having with my thinking, my ability to formulate sentences and my balance. The psychologist put me through extensive testing to diagnose the parts of my brain and thinking that were impacted by the brain injury. We began the relationship that started me on the road to recovery. John’s expertise in brain injury cases meant that he knew how to build a strong case on my behalf. He knows the kind of evidence needed and guided me through the steps I needed to take to get it.

He was also caring and emphasized the importance of first and foremost doing what I needed to do to heal. His integrity and professionalism showed in every interaction. I trusted his guidance and I felt I had the best possible advocate. Those things helped ease the stress of a very difficult experience. One of the significant factors in my settlement was the specialized expertise of the well-respected doctors John introduced me to. They were able to review the results of the defense’s Independent medical examiners’ reports and detect the inconsistencies in their findings. I lost my job and John had me work with someone who specializes in calculating economic loss. He also interviewed colleagues and friends in order to build a team of witnesses who could clearly explain how I had changed since the accident. In our meetings John was always patient and respectful even though I had a very difficult time understanding what he was explaining to me and communicating back to him the information he needed from me. He ensured I was prepared for all the appointments and depositions I needed to attend.

The case involved a large corporation and John expertly handled the big-city lawyers and mediation judge. I feel immensely fortunate that John was my attorney and was able to attain a settlement that allows me a quality of life that could have been lost. I will never be able to go back to my career as an industry- specialized executive, but I am able to live a simple life that fits within my new limitations. I am able to focus on things that help me continue to heal. If you have a brain injury John is the attorney you need.

Ms. Manna-Williams was such a pleasure to work with professional but also compassionate and very kind.

Mr. Wadlin was excellent and Marion Carr was very helpful and friendly!

It has been a pleasure working with you! Thank you for your patience and assistance with the handling of mom’s affairs.


Pam (Rusk) carefully explained all options I have as I prepared my will, which was extremely helpful in my decision making process. Pam was very approachable and demonstrated that she cared about me as an individual requiring legal advice. The most important part of my experience with Pam was that I felt confident in her knowledge, advice and genuine caring attitude. I worked with Pam on planning my will and resolving estate issues after the passing of my husband. She showed that she cared about me during this difficult time.

Pamela Rusk and her assistant Marion Carr had anticipatory insight into what I think is important to me. They were receptive and considerably expert in listening, as well as explaining details. They were professional, yet compassionate in understanding of my issues. Rarely do we see now-a-days, good old work ethic; “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.”

Thank you both for all your efforts on my behalf!! I plan to recommend you both to any of my friends and anyone else looking to make a real estate transaction. Thanks again for your hard work!

Christine is clear and concise in explaining what the issues are in estate planning and leads you through the process with care. I have used Christine for several years and I am more than happy with her service.

John Rusk showed integrity and a real interest in my case. He was very responsive to my concerns and in a very timely way. I would highly recommend John Rusk to anyone in need of legal services. He is ethical and shows genuine interest in his clients.

Pamela Rusk was very informative and extremely easy to talk to – with a great sense of humor – a very successful meeting(s), from my perspective.

Pamela (Rusk) guided my sister and I through the proceedings, with smooth and capable demonstrations of skill .There was a comprehensive feel to the RWH&M process, and a seamlessness, when it came to working with the courts, tax issues, banks , and investment firms. We didn’t have to understand each event and requirements, but explanations were forthcoming, and patient council was a constant. Events played out in a metered and logical way, and were completed as predicted. 

Perhaps most impressive was the responsiveness to my communications , and the willingness to address the specifics that I brought up for clarification . I was not too proud to display my ignorance, and Pam and Angie were virtually never unwilling, unable, or slow to assist .

My will was complex and Pam (Rusk’s) attention to details was perfect. Step by step, my wants and choices were presented and incorporated into the documents. Pam and Marion always responded in a timely way. Marion is competent and professional. (RWHM is) far superior to other law firms I have used for the same services. I think the firm is outstanding.

Christine and Ann were wonderful to work with. They responded promptly and patiently to my many, many questions. Christine, so knowledgeable in law, is an excellent educator. She enlightened me thoroughly on a subject that had been foreign on to me. She made an unfortunate topic clear and it is a relief to have the details of my trust all in order. Thank you so much

Dear Catherine,

Thank you so much for making it all manageable for us on short notice. You were clear, knowledgeable and so personable that it made a difficult task seem comfortable. Have a lovely birthday and summer. With much appreciation.

-Gail and John



John – You were involved in my case that begin in Sept. 2003 and came to and end in July 2005. It was a stalking case with a repeated broken order of protection and such. I just wanted to say, “congratulations on making the top 25 Hudson Valley Super Lawyers 2012”! I am not at all surprised and am happy that you are getting recognized for what a great job you do each day! I am sure that my case is only one of many where you made a tremendous difference in the lives of others! Although it was nine years ago, I am still very thankful and recognize how different my life could be today if you were not as persistent and dedicated as you were to my case. Thank you for making a difference in my life. Congratulations again!


John and Joanne were always on top of everything and seemed to know what each other needed before they needed it! We can not say enough positive things!


Everyone was very kind and had a lot of patience with what we were dealing with. Thank you

-J. F.

[John G. Rusk] fulfilled every promise.

I was told a lawsuit would be filed within 24 hours and it was

Great experience. Made it extremely easy and understandable for the first time home buyer. Your staff was professional, knowledgeable, and truly efficient. Thank you for everything!

My family and I wish to thank you for your compassion, kindness, perseverance, and professionalism. From the time Katherine first contacted you about the loss of her beloved brother, we have had utmost respect and trust in you and your services. You made a very difficult situation as easy for us as possible. We wish you health and happiness.

Just a really overdue note to thank you for all you did in preparing for our closing. We did want to commend Jason on his professionalism and knowledge of the information. Jason did his job and represented us very well. Please let him know for us again, that we were happy he was there with us.

Always felt as though I was being treated as an equivalent and that my case was as important as any other.


Dan Martuscello took a lot of time to explain the legal ramifications of custody and financial planning for our minor daughter; if something should happen to my husband and me.

-W. H.

Firm is perfect for my business and family, based on responsiveness feel. We have developed a great relationship with positive results.


I found your staff from top to bottom was efficient and informative to all my needs.


Both David and I were extremely satisfied with the process. This is a complex area and not intuitive, so Pam’s patience and willingness to meet us at our level of understanding was extremely appreciated. We both felt Pam had a solid grasp of the area and that gave us a great degree of trust and comfort.


Very happy for the help you have given me.


I am very pleased with the final settlement of my late wife’s estate; a job well done. Kindly convey my heart-felt thanks to John Wadlin and Kim Jorgensen.

-L. C.

We at Empire would like to thank the staff at Rusk, Wadlin, Heppner, & Martuscello for their help and great work.

-E. L.

I was CC’d on all correspondence, which is key for me

Ms Pamela Rusk was gracious, accommodating, and very knowledgeable . Very satisfied.


Mr. Kovacs was very concerned and understanding with my concerns and requirements in dealing with the estate of my deceased wife.


Ms Rusk was very pleasant to work with and very patient and understanding of our concerns.


Pam (Rusk) really understood my concerns and satisfactorily resolved them.

I was listened to and heard – very satisfied with the process.

John (John G. Rusk), dealt with me well.

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