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New York Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

Prenuptial agreements have gained in popularity in recent years. Rather than being viewed only as a way for well-to-do spouses to shut out a less-affluent spouse in the event of a divorce, prenuptial agreements can offer peace of mind for both partners that a divorce will be simple, fair, and leave both spouses with the amount of money they deserve. Speak with one of the prenuptial agreement lawyer at Rusk, Wadlin, Heppner & Martuscello, LLP to determine whether a prenuptial agreement might be the right solution for you and your spouse-to-be.

Prenuptial agreements can help you avoid the expense of a drawn-out divorce

While no one wants to consider the possibility that they will divorce before they’ve even been married, it’s a reality that many couples will eventually have to face. Instead of dreading a contentious battle over every piece of property or dollar earned, a prenuptial agreement can pave the way for an amicable split where the hard decisions on the division of property and alimony have already been made. Prenuptial agreements can help you avoid months or years of expensive and emotionally-draining litigation by deciding in advance that to which each spouse is entitled.

Prenups are a prudent move prior to a second marriage

If you’re entering a second marriage, chances are good that you’re older and have had the time to build a career, accrue assets, and purchase property with that hard-earned money. Statistics also suggest that second marriages tend to end in divorce in greater share than do first marriages. Those with children from a prior marriage may have even greater motivation to enter a prenuptial agreement. Should you die before your spouse, that spouse has a right to claim 1/3 of your estate, regardless of whether your spouse is included in your will. Creating a prenuptial agreement can override this so-called spousal elective share of your assets, ensuring that your children and grandchildren are the ones who benefit from the money you earned over your lifetime.

If you’re planning to be married in New York, make sure that you have an agreement in place that will protect your interests in the event of a split, offering you the assurance that no matter what happens, you’ll be spared a wrenching and expensive divorce trial in order to reach a satisfactory division of your assets. Contact the Hudson Valley’s skilled and detail-oriented Kingston prenuptial agreement lawyers at Rusk, Wadlin, Heppner & Martuscello, LLP for a consultation, with offices conveniently located in Marlboro (845-236-4411) and Kingston (845-331-4100).

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