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New York Consumer Protection Attorney

Consumers in New York and across the country are entitled to have truthful information presented to them about the goods and services they produce. Whenever a manufacturer or seller engages in misleading advertising or flat-out lies regarding the products and services they offer, they must be held accountable for their fraud. New York state and federal laws prohibit the distribution of false, misleading, or deceptive claims in advertisements. Deceptive and misleading advertisements can not only defraud consumers out of their hard-earned money but can also lead to physical injuries where potential hazards were not adequately disclosed by product manufacturers.

A seasoned consumer protection attorney can help you hold deceptive companies liable for their misleading claims. Rusk, Wadlin, Heppner & Martuscello, LLP represents consumers who have been misled or defrauded by unscrupulous companies in New York.

Consumer fraud tactics

If you have been duped by a misleading advertisement or product that did not perform as advertised, you may not know where to turn. You may not know whether a lawsuit is possible or worth the time and energy required. Our consumer fraud attorneys have a duty to our clients, and when you bring a case to our firm, we will take all the time necessary to review, investigate, and prosecute your claim. Depending on the circumstances, individual cases of consumer fraud may involve relatively low damages, but that does not mean that victims should go without compensation. Often defrauded victims can join together to bring class action claims against fraudulent companies.

There are a variety of practices that may qualify as fraud. These practices include:

  • Artificially inflating prices
  • Using fine print to mislead consumers about the goods or services they have purchased
  • Lying or using misleading information in advertisements about the quality or effects of products or services
  • Failure to disclose important information about products
  • Using bait-and-switch tactics to trick consumers into buying products or services for the wrong reasons
  • Doctors pushing patients into unnecessary medical procedures
  • Companies or corporate officials disappearing while holding client funds

Consumer fraud in New York

Every state has laws that protect consumers from misleading or deceptive trade practices. The scope of protection in each state depends on the particular language of the statute; some states are more protective of consumers, while some states are more business-friendly. New York’s General Business Law §§ 349-350-f governs claims of deceptive or unfair trade practices. Section 349 declares deceptive acts and practices unlawful.

New York protects its consumers: The unfair trade statute explicitly provides for punitive damages if the defendant’s conduct was willful or knowing. If a court finds the defendant’s actions were intentionally fraudulent, a victim can recover up to three times the value of their actual damages suffered as a result of the deceptive acts. A passionate and talented consumer fraud protection lawyer can help you bring your strongest case and in order to maximize your recovery against deceptive companies.

Seek Help from Tough and Successful New York Consumer Protection Attorneys

Don’t let the big product manufacturers and distributors get away with bad behavior. If you have been the victim of consumer fraud, seek talented and passionate legal help to pursue your claim for damages. For legal assistance with your consumer fraud and consumer protection claims in the Hudson Valley, contact the seasoned Kingston consumer protection lawyers at Rusk, Wadlin, Heppner & Martuscello for a free consultation at their conveniently-located offices in Marlboro at 845-236-4411 or Kingston at 845-331-4100.

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