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New York Nursing Home Abuse Accident Attorney

Placing a loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility is a serious decision which no family undertakes lightly. You may have conducted hours of research and numerous visits to different facilities to find a home and staff of caretakers that appeared to be invested in your loved one’s best interests and would ensure that he or she received the highest possible quality of care at a price your family could afford. Sadly, many nursing homes have been found to take advantage of the feebleness and utter vulnerability of the elderly by neglecting to provide for their physical and emotional needs, failing to tend to the feeding and bathing needs of residents, or even using violence against frustrated or confused patients. Sadly, the National Center on Elder Abuse has found that 44% of all nursing home residents have been the victim of abuse, and 33% of all nursing homes have received citations for violating laws regarding patient protection and care. If your loved one has experienced neglect or abuse while living in a New York nursing home or assisted living facility, you and your family have a right to be compensated for any physical injuries, pain and suffering, or, tragically, wrongful deaths caused to an elderly member of your family. Contact a compassionate and dedicated New York nursing home abuse accident attorney at Rusk, Wadlin, Heppner & Martuscello to discuss your claims and receive a free evaluation.

Signs of nursing home abuse

If you have noticed any of the following signs while you visit a loved one in an assisted living facility, your elderly relative may be the victim of ongoing abuse or neglect:

  • Reduced mental agility, hampered memory, or inability to sustain conversation
  • Weight loss
  • Decreased mobility
  • Pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores, indicating that your loved one has not been properly attended to while confined to a bed
  • Bruises, cuts, or scrapes that your loved one cannot explain

Elderly persons suffering from Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia may not be able to speak out for themselves or be able to accurately recall the abuse to which they are subjected, and they may need the help of a family member to escape these harmful conditions. Speak with an elder law or injury attorney about your concerns and to explore legal options for compensation.

Get help from compassionate and dedicated nursing home abuse accident attorney

If your loved one has been subjected to abuse or neglect at a New York nursing home or assisted living facility, contact the seasoned and trial-ready Kingston nursing home neglect & abuse lawyers at Rusk, Wadlin, Heppner & Martuscello to discuss your possible nursing home abuse lawsuit, at 845-331-4100 (Kingston), or 845-236-4411 (Marlboro).

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