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New York Negligent Security Lawyer

When you are a paying customer on property belonging to a business in New York, you should be able to expect that you and your companions will be safe from a threat of harm. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and you might find yourself the victim of an assault, robbery, or other attack while at a store, concert, or bar. You deserve to be compensated when a business fails to address known gaps in its security system and you get hurt as a result. Contact an experienced negligent security lawyer at Rusk, Wadlin, Heppner & Martuscello for a consultation on your negligent security claims.

Businesses are required to provide basic security

Public facilities, such as stores, bars, restaurants, schools, apartment complexes, commercial buildings, and hospitals, have a legal duty to keep their facilities reasonably safe for those who are invited onto the property. If they fail to uphold that duty to keep their property safe, they could be responsible for any ensuing harm. Failing to adequately secure a building is a form of premises liability. In other words, just as a restaurant might owe you money if you slipped and fell on a hard-to-see puddle of spilled juice, a business might owe you money if they failed to ensure that they had taken reasonable measures to keep their property safe from criminal dangers.

Some examples of failures to take reasonable measures to protect customer safety include:

  • Failing to hire or adequately train security personnel
  • Failing to use surveillance cameras throughout premises
  • Failing to review the backgrounds or criminal histories of staff
  • Failing to provide adequate lighting throughout premises or parking lots

You deserve compensation where inadequate security results in you being injured

If you have been injured on a business’ property when you became the victim of a crime, you may have a right to damages for those injuries, including lost wages for time spent off work recovering from your injuries, the costs of seeking medical attention, and compensation for your resulting pain and suffering or psychological trauma. Make sure you get the money you deserve for your injuries by contacting the compassionate and dedicated New York negligent security lawyers at Rusk, Wadlin, Heppner & Martuscello for a free consultation on your personal injury lawsuit, in Marlboro at 845-236-4411 or Kingston at 845-331-4100.

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