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Reduce the Stress of the Holidays Post-Divorce with These Tips

Divorced husband alone on xmas

Even under the best circumstances, the holidays can be stressful and emotional. These feelings can become even more intense after a divorce. There are ways that you can keep the holidays light and fun for yourself after a split; read on to learn more.

Make your own plans

It’s normal for the holidays to cause feelings of sadness and longing for how things used to be. Staying busy is one of the oldest and most reliable ways to stave off these feelings. Take the opportunity to reach out to those you love most and connect with them during the holiday season. Consider hosting a small holiday lunch or party with your closest friends, or taking a trip to see friends you love who don’t live close by. Renewing these connections will help to remind you of the support you have when you’re feeling alone, and will give you something to look forward to, rather than simply dreading the feelings that the coming holiday will evoke.

Join other celebrations

You might be accustomed to spending every holiday with your children. If your kids will be with your former spouse on the holiday itself, you might be worried about feeling lonely or depressed on the holiday. You don’t need to resign yourself to spending the holiday alone. Reach out to extended family or close friends and ask if you can join in their holiday meals and festivities. It might feel uncomfortable to ask to join in, but those who care about you are likely more eager to support you through a difficult time than you realize.

Leave behind old, unpopular traditions

Never been a fan of that Mannheim Steamroller album that your ex used to play during the holidays? Throw it out. Sick of eating the same holiday meal each year? Go out to eat! Maybe you and your kids would rather see a movie together as a family on Christmas, rather than spend the morning opening presents. If it’s your first family holiday after a divorce, you could even take a trip and spend the day someplace new to avoid focusing on how much emptier the house feels after a split.

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