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Best Possible Advocate

He was also caring and emphasized the importance of first and foremost doing what I needed to do to heal. His integrity and professionalism showed in every interaction. I trusted his guidance and I felt I had the best possible advocate. Those things helped ease the stress of a very difficult experience. One of the significant factors in my settlement was the specialized expertise of the well-respected doctors John introduced me to. They were able to review the results of the defense’s Independent medical examiners’ reports and detect the inconsistencies in their findings. I lost my job and John had me work with someone who specializes in calculating economic loss. He also interviewed colleagues and friends in order to build a team of witnesses who could clearly explain how I had changed since the accident. In our meetings John was always patient and respectful even though I had a very difficult time understanding what he was explaining to me and communicating back to him the information he needed from me. He ensured I was prepared for all the appointments and depositions I needed to attend.

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