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Can I afford to retain your firm for my New York commercial litigation matter?

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The question is asked is, is it economically feasible for me to retain you and your firm to represent me in this commercial litigation action. The majority of people that walk through our door come to see us because they have a problem, and the problem that they are having is causing them hardship and all the stress that goes along with that hardship. They come to see us from a position of great disadvantage because, either they don’t know the law, or they don’t know the process, or they don’t know their options. That’s the service that our firm provides.

When you retain Rusk Wadlin Heppner & Martuscello, you are retaining a team of attorneys with hundreds of years of combined legal experience and practical experience in how to navigate through a particular problem that you’re having, and once you retain this firm, the playing field is automatically and instantly leveled, because now you have a team of attorneys who are going to help you get through this problem, whether you are dealing with an insurance company or you’re dealing with the government, or you’re dealing with an adversary who has attorneys who have already been involved in the case. We are going to instantly level that playing field and with our reputation for results and due diligence and respect, you will get the results you are looking for with that problem.

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