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What is Divorce Mediation?

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Filing for a divorce in New York can be done in different ways, and there’s different approaches for one going for a divorce. One can go, and depending on the other party, how they communicate with one another, how well a person knows and understands their financing. Some people will elect to go through mediation.

Now if someone goes through mediation, it could be a single mediator, it could be a panel of mediators. The good thing as far as for mediation, can be the cost as far as involved in going through a divorce. The bad thing about going through mediation of course is that the attorneys do not attend mediation, it’s you yourself that are there before the mediator and you have to have good understanding of not only your finances but you should also have a good understanding of New York law, domestic relations law, and what’s your rights are under it because the mediator is not there to take sides or necessarily protect one side or the other, but is to take information and make suggestions to the parties as to a possible resolution and it ultimately comes down to the individuals decision.

Now that’s not to say that if in mediation the parties have an agreement drawn by the mediator, that the individuals can go and take it to attorneys to have it reviewed, that is an option. The downside again to mediation could be that you could go through the whole process of it and have an agreement reached, but at the very end, there’s no requirement for either side to actually sign it. So where you started out thinking you were going to safe time and money, it may actually ending up in the reverse, that you spent additional time and money and have nothing, no agreement at the end of it.

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