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How are Probate Fees paid?

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Generally we give our clients the option of choosing whether they want to handle the estate on an hourly basis or whether they want to handle it on a percentage basis. Those options depend an awful lot on the particular executor and how much they’re going to be involved in the day to day operation of the estate. If they are going to do a lot of the leg work, it’s probably better for them to go with an hourly rate and have us do the more complicated filings, and yet they can do the day to day management of decision making on who to hire as a broker for example or can run the estate checkbook, but the larger more complicated estates with complicated assets, occasionally people will opt for a percentage and we usually try to figure out what our time is going to be invested in this estate before we come up with the appropriate percentage for that estate. It has to do a lot with the kind of assets that we’re dealing with, whether there seems to be animosity between the beneficiaries and or whether the people are going to be really cooperative and we’ll have this handled smoothly.

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