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If my auto accident is due to a mechanical defect, can I sue?

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You know many times the cause of an accident is not immediately clear, and so if you speak with an attorney, they can have the vehicle gone over and inspected to determine what the cause of the accident was. In the course of doing that, they can often find that there was some type of a problem, either at the mechanics, garage or wherever you had work done and that the work that they did or the failure to complete the work that they were suppose to do, was actually the cause of an accident.

We recently had a case where a person was injured as a result of a tire coming off of a vehicle and then coming into the bus in which she was a passenger and she was injured, and so when we brought the claim, we brought it not only against the other driver and the owner of that vehicle, but also of the body shop where she had the work done and it was the body shop’s insurance company that actually paid the majority of that claim. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, contact a car crash lawyer of Rusk Wadlin Heppner & Martuscello, LLP.

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