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What are premises liability injury damages?

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In terms of injuries that happen as a result of the negligence of the property owner, I always view personal injuries as two categories, there’s the human damages and there’s the economic damages. In fact when the jury goes into their jury room and they receive from the judge a list of questions they need to answer, the judge breaks it down for them and they are required to make factual determination as to issues as to past pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life which would include how this injury has disabled them. Also the category that would need to be answered by the jury would have to do with the future, chronic pain disability and that is important, obviously very important in any case like this.

You then turn to the issue of economic damages and I’ve had many cases unfortunately for my clients that the injury has been so significant that it has impact their ability to earn an income for themselves and their family, an impairment of future earnings capacity, and that’s the economic side of it, and also then I have many cases where unfortunately because the injuries are so severe they need a multitude of surgeries after and the cost of the surgeries must go into evidence, so hopefully we can recover for the client those economic loses. Sometimes we use doctors who’s specialty is to attempt to calculate what the future costs of these surgeries will be, such as a knee replacement and what the hospitalization and all the ancillary expenses will be associated with that. So those are pretty much what’s involved in the injuries stemming from a premises liability case.

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