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What is commercial litigation?

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Commercial litigation is a very general term. It covers a lot of different legal actions. The most common which is a breach of contract action, and often these occur in a business atmosphere.

In our practice, commercial litigation can involve a business having a breach of contract with the vendor, with a contractor, and it’s enforcing that client’s rights pursuant to the contract or defending that client’s rights in an action brought against it either by the defender or another contractor or another business.

It is very important when there is a dispute involving your business or a contract that we get involved as early in the process as possible. Often times the litigation portion of a dispute won’t happen until many years after the fact and when clients wait to get us involved and retained to represent them in a case, it’s often many years after the facts of the case have already taken place and the sooner we get involved, the better it is because we’re in a position to kind of garnish all the facts, all the evidence, and all the proof that we’ll need to properly represent our client and get them the best outcome possible.

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